Enhancing your sites can be tough since you will have to transform your backend code very much to ensure your websites function quicker. Nevertheless, you are able to greatly enhance your site’s functionality, while not having to adjust anything in the backend. By making use of the Site Accelerator Programs, included in the Site Control Panel, you could help your sites stream and perform a lot faster than ever. This will not only benefit your end users (everyone enjoys the site they’re going to to open rapidly), but will even help your website rank higher in major search engines.

Dealing with the Site Accelerator Programs is definitely very easy. Merely log into the Site Control Panel and discover exactly how each website accelerator program functions.


RAM–caching as a substitute for data–base calls

When you have a data–base–driven site or web app, and data–base calls tend to lower the overall performance, this can be really bothersome for the site visitors or the web application users. Seeking out a remedy usually can take a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, within the SQUAD Network Site Control Panel, we have a resolution for you.

Memcached is a simple, yet high–performance distributed memory object caching platform, that collects data and objects in the RAM. This way, the database–saved info on your website does not need to be requested whenever a customer opens exactly the same web page.

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RAM–memorizing as an alternative for HTTP requests

Using the Varnish web accelerator tool integrated into our Site Control Panel, you can easily make your web site web pages load quickly for your website visitors. All of the configuration settings are carried out using an uncomplicated interface, without the need to produce any kind of direct alterations to the code of your site.

Varnish is really an HTTP acceleration tool that can help the web pages come up quicker by storing them in the server’s RAM. By doing this, after a webpage has already been opened by a visitor to your site once, it doesn’t have to be shipped by the hosting server anymore, which generally will reduce loading speeds and also speeds up your webpages. It has been measured that Varnish often increases website load times with a 300 – 1000x factor.

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Produce adaptable applications without difficulty

Node.js creates a contemporary programming system for forming flexible applications and web sites in a short time span. It may be employed for just about everything – from dealing with API requests, streaming files in addition to parsing email messages to converting images, audio files, clips and office docs.

It’s powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and uses an event–based, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it lightweight and productive. Moreover, Node.js boasts a significant supportive community that makes consistent enhancements to the system and is at all times happy to provide support.

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