SPF, which abbreviates Sender Policy Framework, is a verification system that aims at blocking the so-called email faking. Basically, this means sending some message from one email and making it look like it’s sent from a different one with the objective to scam in some way the person receiving it. In the event that the SPF protection is active for a domain name, a record that contains all mail servers authorized to send messages with addresses within the domain is created. The record is stored on all DNS servers that route the Internet traffic around the world, therefore they all can recognize whether an e-mail message originates from a legitimate server or not. The verification is done at the very first server where the email goes through and in the first case the e-mail message is forwarded, whereas in the second one it's discarded and it never reaches its intended recipient. Applying SPF records for your domains will prevent all unwanted people from using your emails for harmful purposes.

SPF Protection in Cloud Hosting

The SPF protection option is accessible as standard with each cloud hosting plan that we offer and you'll be able to use it without difficulty to secure the e-mail addresses for each domain name hosted as part of your account. The service is controlled through the Emails section of our outstanding, yet easy-to-navigate Hepsia Control Panel. What is needed to enable the protection is to type in the IP address of the e-mail server as well as its hostname - mail.server.com, for instance. When the protection is active, only this server will be able to send messages from e-mails generated under the domain that you've selected. Your email addresses can be taken care of by a different supplier, but when we take care of them in addition to your site, you can also enable an option for your e-mails to be sent only if the domain has our MX records. This selection provides you with greater protection as only our server will be certified to send out email messages from your mailboxes and you will have superior control. If you have any kind of questions or if you experience any sort of difficulties with this particular service, you will be able to contact our technical support crew at any time and they will assist you in a timely manner.

SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you have a semi-dedicated server account with us, you can secure your emails by enabling the SPF protection service for any domain hosted in the account with only a couple of clicks. This is done in the Emails section of our Hepsia Control Panel that is included with the semi-dedicated accounts and even if you lack previous practical experience with these kinds of things, you will not have any kind of difficulties to activate the security. The only things that you'll need to do is to choose a domain name from a drop-down list and then type in the mail server hostname and IPv4 or IPv6 address. The moment the new record propagates, messages from your emails will be delivered globally only if they are sent from that specific server. When your emails are managed by our company and not by some third-party supplier, you will also be able to use an option for e-mail messages to be mailed only if the domain name features our MX records and the latter would be the most secure option. If you have any kind of questions regarding thisfeature, you will be able to contact our technical support team 24/7.