If you choose to work with a PostgreSQL-driven script app on one of your websites, you will need a sufficient amount of database storage space for it, to guarantee that even if your website gets larger, it'll function efficiently and without interruptions. Adding more products to an electronic shop or additional comments to a discussion forum are only two examples of what may increase the size of your databases. Should you use up all your space at some point, the performance could decrease or the site might not be available at all as a result of the fact that if the storage restriction is reached, the script will not be able to store new content in the database - user-generated or system one. Due to the fact that PostgreSQL is intended for scalable web apps, it is likely that when you use this kind of database for your site, you'll need extra space for it when your site expands.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Cloud Hosting

All of our Linux cloud packages were created with the concept to provide you with the option to select the most suitable attributes depending on the type of sites you would like to host. If you do not need PostgreSQL databases, for example, you can choose a plan which doesn't contain this system by default. In case you change your opinion afterwards or if you want PostgreSQL from the very beginning, you can always obtain one of the plans that include PostgreSQL support. All the plans include plenty of storage space dedicated to your databases, therefore even if your sites grow, you will not have any kind of problems, since some packages come even with unrestricted space. For the lower-end packages, the PostgreSQL storage will be upgraded with a few clicks through the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages are suitable to host any kind of PostgreSQL-driven script app. One of the differences between the packages is in the amount of databases and the storage for them that you receive, to give you a choice to select the characteristics that you truly need. For a small-scale website, for instance, you will not need that many system resources, while for a popular portal, a forum with countless visitors or an online store with lots of items you may take advantage of our top-end package which features unrestricted PostgreSQL database storage. As all the accounts are set up on a cloud website hosting platform, all of the databases run on an individual cluster and they won't share the resources with the rest of the files. Thus, we achieve a couple of things - improved performance of script websites and almost limitless database storage space.